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Here you will find an overview of the fields of law our attorneys practice.

- Employment Rights -


We represent employees in wide variety of employment situations, as follows:


-employment and severance agreements (including with non-compete provisions)

-unemployment compensation

-wage claims

-civil rights/discrimination claims


We have litigated cases before the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and in the federal courts regarding discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, age, race or color, national origin, disability, arrest and conviction record, religion, as well as harassment on the basis of these protected categories.


- Constitutional Rights -


Individuals, including public sector employees, have certain rights against abuse by state, local and federal governments, based on constitutional protections. We can evaluate and provide representation in appropriate cases, including claims based on the First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, religion and assembly. 


- Housing Rights -


We represent tenants in landlord/tenant disputes, focusing especially on failure to return security deposits, eviction, and failure to maintain a habitable living space.  We also represent tenants in housing cases related to discrimination based on prohibited grounds. 


- Public Accommodations Discrimination -


We represent individuals that use various public accommodations, such as hotels, restaurants or nightclubs, and who are protected from discrimination under both state and federal laws. 


- Travel Rights -


Attorney Athur Heitzer consults and provides representation, as needed, to defend the right to travel, especially given the continued U.S. restrictions on travel to Cuba. 



- Conduct Supplemental Hearings -


As a Supplemental Court Commissioner, Attorney Brenda Lewison can conduct supplemental hearings on the present financial status of a debtor, and take other actions to collect on debts. 




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