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"After 34 years working in the field of fair employment law, when I thought I had been discriminated against, I relied on my professional experience and went to the best employment lawyers I know -- the Law Office of Arthur Heitzer.  My lawsuit was an uphill battle, but my lawyers were persistent and thorough, and we won an important victory after a trial in federal court."

"My mental and physical health would not have survived without the exceptional legal advice and assistance from Attorney Brenda Lewison, and the exceptional legal staff at Arthur Heitzer Law Office. Their legal advice is sound and structured for those of us who are ”legalese” challenged. The care and personalized service gave hope when there was only despair; and in the end brought a form of justice I would never have obtained on my own. Most importantly their guidance has helped repair my broken spirit by ensuring that not all injustice and cover ups will be silenced."
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Milw. Journal Sentinel November 2011

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