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Brenda Lewison (BA, UW-Madison (Major: History; Certificate: Women’s Studies), 1981; JD, UW-Madison, 1995) became an associate with the Law Office of Arthur Heitzer in April 2006.  She ran her own practice from 1995-2005 and was associated with a different firm in the interim.  Since graduation from law school, Ms. Lewison has primarily worked representing individuals in employment discrimination cases and other employment-related matters.  Notable cases include Najieb, et al. v. Bardes Products, Inc. (federal court litigation over race discrimination and retaliation with jury verdict in favor of plaintiffs), Schroeder v. Hamilton School District, et al., (federal court litigation over sexual orientation discrimination under federal law), Boles v. Candy II, Inc., d/b/a Eve, (state court litigation over race discrimination in public accommodations with court decision in favor of plaintiff) and Meyer v. Spectrum Brands (administrative unemployment decision awarding benefits to an employee discharged for engaging in protected union activity). 


Ms. Lewison is a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association and the National Lesbian & Gay Lawyers Association.  She helped found and served on the first Boards of Directors for the Washington Heights Rainbow Association and the Human Rights League Political Action Committee (now Fair Wisconsin PAC).  She has served on the Board of Directors of the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association (WHNA) and currently serves on the WHNA Green Committee. 


Ms. Lewison is a past member of the Milwaukee Bar Association’s Legal Services to the Indigent Committee.  She has served as president of the Individual Rights and Responsibilities (now the Civil Rights and Liberties) Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin. 


Attorney Lewison also helped found and served on the first Board for Marquette Law School Unemployment Appeals Clinic.  The Clinic received the Outstanding Special Project Award in June 2004 from the Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association and Legal Action of Wisconsin Volunteer Lawyers Project, which Ms. Lewison accepted on the Clinic’s behalf. 


Ms. Lewison has participated in the representation of indigent clients by volunteering for Legal Action of Wisconsin’s Volunteer Lawyers Program since becoming an attorney, and she has helped staff the Repairers of the Breach Legal Clinic, providing services for homeless individuals.  She has also helped staff the Voces de la Frontera Citizenship Clinic, assisting legal permanent residents to become U.S. citizens.  


In 2006, her colleagues at the 5th Annual 7th Circuit National Employment Lawyers Association conference awarded Ms. Lewison a Spirit Award for successfully Litigating on a Shoe String Budget.




8/92-5/95         University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                    Law School
8/75-5/81         University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                    B.A.-History. Certificate-Women’s Studies
1995-present   Legal Action of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
                        Volunteer Lawyer Program,
Unemployment appeals and landlord/tenant volunteer attorney
2012-present   Voces de la Frontera, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
                        Bi-annual Citizenship Clinic, volunteer attorney
1995-present   Washington Heights Neighborhood Association, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                        Board member, 2004-2006; Green Committee member, 2013-present
1997-present   Washington Heights Rainbow Association, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                        Coordinator/organizer, 1997-2000; Member, 2000-present
2012-2013       Repairers of the Breach, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                        Legal Clinic member
5/01-7/2010     Individual Rights and Responsibilities (now the Civil Rights and Liberties) Section Board, State Bar of WI
                        Board member, 2001-2010; Board Chair 2008-2009
2000-2006       Unemployment Appeals Clinic, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                        Board President, 2000-2005; volunteer supervising attorney, 2000-2006
1/97-2004        Human Rights League Political Action Committee (now part of Fair Wisconsin PAC), Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                        Board President, 1997-2001; Fundraising Committee member, 2002-2004
2002-2004       Action Wisconsin (now Fair Wisconsin), Madison, Wisconsin
                        Fundraising Committee member
6/2001-2003    Wisconsin State Elections Board (now the Government Accountability Board)
                        Board member, 2001-2003; Vice Chair, 2002-2003
6/95-present    Wisconsin State Bar Association member
1/98-present    National Employment Lawyers Association member
1/96-present    National Lesbian and Gay Law Association member
1/96-2005        Milwaukee Bar Association member
2006-present   American Constitution Society member
8/02-present    Supreme Court of the United States of America
7/01-present    Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals
11/98-present  Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
6/95-present    Western District of Wisconsin, U.S. District Court
2/96-present    Eastern District of Wisconsin, U.S. District Court
5/97-present    Western District of Michigan, U.S. District Court
4/04-present    Northern District of New York, U.S. District Court
7/05-present    U.S. Court of Federal Claims
6/95-present    Wisconsin State Bar
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